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The Stockport Girls thumbnail
The Stockport Girls eAudiobook
Lilly Robbins / Katy Sobey

Stockport 1944. Alice seems to have it all but the truth is her marriage isn't as solid as it seems...

Christmas at Liberty's thumbnail
Christmas at Liberty's eAudiobook
Fiona Ford / Annie Aldington

September 1942. Mary arrives in London to take up a new post as a fabric-cutter at Liberty's Carnaby..

The Liberty Girls thumbnail
The Liberty Girls eAudiobook
Fiona Ford / Annie Aldington

April 1942. New mother Alice Milwood is itching to return to her job as a shop assistant at Liberty‚..

A Valley Wedding thumbnail
A Valley Wedding eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Julia Franklin Available 26th August 2022

Lancashire 1936. With her son Gabriel finally married and her youngest following his dreams of becom..

Wartime At Liberty's thumbnail
Wartime At Liberty's eAudiobook
Fiona Ford / Andrew Wincott Available 26th August 2022

London 1942: Flo Canning's heart is beyond repair following the news that she has been dreading sinc..

A Christmas Wedding thumbnail
A Christmas Wedding eAudiobook
Fiona Ford / Penelope Freeman

London 1943. Dot Hanson has never forgotten the thrill of seeing the beautiful Christmas displays at..

The Spitfire Girl in the Skies thumbnail
The Spitfire Girl in the Skies eAudiobook
Fenella J. Miller / Helen Keeley

Hampshire 1940. Ellie Simpson is attached to an Air Transport Auxiliary base in Hampshire. Life as a..

Spitfire Girl The: Over and Out thumbnail
Spitfire Girl The: Over and Out eAudiobook
Fenella J. Miller / Helen Keeley

White Waltham 1943. As Italy surrenders and victory looms on the horizon Ellie's doing what she does..

A Lancashire Lass thumbnail
A Lancashire Lass eAudiobook
Libby Ashworth / Andrew Wincott

But there is more tragedy still to come and Flo and her friends will need each other more than ever ..

Heading Home thumbnail
Heading Home eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover Available 22nd August 2022

Claudia Muldoon and her sister Jenny live with their parents and their gran in her house in Blodwen ..

The Lost Days of Summer thumbnail
The Lost Days of Summer eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

Nell Whitaker is 15 when war breaks out and her mother sends her to live with her Auntie Kath in a r..

The Menagerie thumbnail
The Menagerie eAudiobook
Catherine Cookson / Anne Dover

The Broadhursts were a mining family and to outsiders they appeared to be happy loyal and united. Bu..

The Forces' Sweethearts thumbnail
The Forces' Sweethearts eAudiobook
Rosie Archer / Ellie Heydon

1943 and The Bluebird Girls are at the top of their game. They are touring with ENSA visiting army b..

I'll Be Seeing You thumbnail
I'll Be Seeing You eAudiobook
Rosie Archer / Tamsin Kennard

1943. After the heartache of the previous year Connie Baxter now appears to have everything a girl c..

A Girl Called Hope thumbnail
A Girl Called Hope eAudiobook
Kay Seeley / Annie Aldington Available 4th September 2022

London’s East End. Life for Hope Daniels in the public house run by her parents is not as it seems..