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A Home for Alice thumbnail
A Home for Alice eAudiobook
Gloria Cook / Emma Powell

After her plans to elope with her married lover fall through Rachel Kivell is broken-hearted and sad..

The Jacobite Lass thumbnail
The Jacobite Lass eAudiobook
Janet MacLeod Trotter / Lesley Mackie

Scotland 1722: on a windswept island an enigmatic poetess foretells tragedy and the birth of an extr..

The Bird Flies High thumbnail
The Bird Flies High eAudiobook
Maggie Craig / Lesley Mackie

Grinding poverty and violence are on everyday part of life in Glasgow's slums during the 1920s. But ..

The Day Will Come thumbnail
The Day Will Come eAudiobook
Beryl Matthews / Annie Aldington

London 1940. The war is raging across Europe and twenty-three-year-old Grace is devastated by the lo..

The Jeweller's Wife thumbnail
The Jeweller's Wife eAudiobook
Judith Lennox / Emma Powell

1938. As England awaits the outbreak of war Juliet Winterton journeys from the Mediterranean to the ..

The Blacksmith's Wife thumbnail
The Blacksmith's Wife eAudiobook
Anne Doughty / Caroline Lennon

County Armagh 1845. Married to the local blacksmith young Sarah Hamilton spends her days looking aft..

No Place for a Woman thumbnail
No Place for a Woman eAudiobook
Val Wood / Anne Dover

In 1897 four-year-old Lucy Thornbury’s parents are killed in a train crash. Taken in by her kindly..

Pengelly's Daughter thumbnail
Pengelly's Daughter eAudiobook
Nicola Pryce / Penelope Freeman

Cornwall: 1793. Rose Pengelly's father has been ruined - he has lost his boat yard and his fortune p..

Nothing Ventured thumbnail
Nothing Ventured eAudiobook
Anne Douglas / Lesley Mackie

1925. Attractive and strong-willed 23-year-old Isla Scott leaves her job as a nurse in Edinburgh to ..

The Girls of Ennismore thumbnail
The Girls of Ennismore eAudiobook
Patricia Falvey / Caroline Lennon

Victoria Bell and Rosie Killeen are best friends. Growing up in rural Ireland's County Mayo their fr..

Her Mother's Daughter thumbnail
Her Mother's Daughter eAudiobook
Evie Grace / Penelope Freeman

Canterbury 1853. Agnes Berry-Clay might have been born into rags but she is growing up with riches. ..

When the Music Stopped thumbnail
When the Music Stopped eAudiobook
Beryl Matthews / Annie Aldington

London 1912. Twins Lester and Lillia Holdsworth are destined for the stage. Lester is a brilliant pi..

The Pride thumbnail
The Pride eAudiobook
Katie Flynn; Judith Saxton / Anne Dover

1901. Tina Rose is the beloved daughter of a wealthy Jewish family while Edward grew up with an abus..

The Glory thumbnail
The Glory eAudiobook
Katie Flynn; Judith Saxton / Anne Dover

As World War One begins no family including the Neylers will be left untouched and by the time the w..

You Are My Sunshine thumbnail
You Are My Sunshine eAudiobook
Katie Flynn; Judith Saxton / Anne Dover

Kay Duffield's fiancé is about to leave the country and her own duty with the WAAF is imminent when..