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This Was a Man thumbnail
This Was a Man eAudiobook
Jeffrey Archer / Alex Jennings

This Was a Man opens with a shot being fired but who pulled the trigger and who lives and who dies? ..

Call Me Lion thumbnail
Call Me Lion eAudiobook
Camilla Chester / Sam Newton

Ten-year-old Leo dreams of performing in the West End. His love of dancing is getting him through th..

Her Dark Wings thumbnail
Her Dark Wings eAudiobook
Melinda Salisbury / Sarah Barron Available 5th September 2022

Teenagers Corey Alloway and Bree Dovemuir are best friends. They live on an island where people stil..

Libby and the Parisian Puzzle thumbnail
Libby and the Parisian Puzzle eAudiobook
Jo Clarke / Colleen Prendergast

Mystery-lover Libby is excited but nervous when she's sent to live with her aunt while her mother is..

Kiki's Delivery Service thumbnail
Kiki's Delivery Service eAudiobook
Eiko Kadono / Kim Mai Guest Available 4th September 2022

Half-witch Kiki never runs from a challenge. So when her thirteenth birthday arrives she's eager to ..

Dead End Street thumbnail
Dead End Street eAudiobook
Trevor Wood / David Nellist

A group of vigilantes are carrying out a campaign of harassment against the homeless hounding them t..

Bride Price thumbnail
Bride Price eAudiobook
Barbara Nadel / Seán Barrett

When jeweller Fahrettin Muftugolu is found dead in his apartment it looks like suicide. Searching th..

Realm of Darkness thumbnail
Realm of Darkness eAudiobook
Paul Doherty / Richard Burnip

Spring 1312. Edward II of England is absorbed with his favourite Peter Gaveston while his wife Isabe..

Angels of Venice thumbnail
Angels of Venice eAudiobook
Philip Gwynne Jones / Tim Bruce Available 5th September 2022

12 November 2019. The worst flooding in 50 years hits the city of Venice. The body of Dr Jennifer Wh..

Cornish Clouds and Silver Lining Skies thumbnail
Cornish Clouds and Silver Lining Skies eAudiobook
Ali McNamara / Not Yet Available

Meteorologist Sky Matthews does not like surprises. Sky monitors her life like she does the weather ..

Whisper of the Seals thumbnail
Whisper of the Seals eAudiobook
Roxanne Bouchard / Stephanie Cannon Available 3rd September 2022

Fisheries officer Simone Lord is transferred to Quebec's remote Magdalen Islands for the winter and ..

The Appeal thumbnail
The Appeal eAudiobook
Janice Hallett / Aysha Kala Daniel Philpott Rachel Adedeji Sid Sagar Available 1st September 2022

Dear Reader - enclosed are all the documents you need to solve a case. It starts with the arrival of..

Bad Actors thumbnail
Bad Actors eAudiobook
Mick Herron / Seán Barrett Available 16th March 2023

A governmental think-tank whose remit is to curb the independence of the intelligence service has lo..

The Gin Sisters' Promise thumbnail
The Gin Sisters' Promise eAudiobook
Faith Hogan / Caroline Lennon

When Georgie Iris and Nola's mother died and their father disappeared into his grief the sisters mad..

The Very Nice Box thumbnail
The Very Nice Box eAudiobook
Laura Blackett; Eve Gleichman / Kate Handford

Ava Simon is a storage designer for STÄDA a slick Brooklyn-based furniture company. She's hard-work..