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Blotto Twinks and the Suspicious Guests thumbnail
Blotto Twinks and the Suspicious Guests eAudiobook
Simon Brett / Simon Brett Available 23rd October 2023

An explosion of disgust - 'What? You mean the Earl does it for money?' - from Blotto is provoked whe..

The Only One Left thumbnail
The Only One Left eAudiobook
Riley Sager / Stephanie Cannon Regina Reagan Available 23rd October 2023

The Hope family murders shocked the Maine coast one bloody night in 1929. While most assume 17-year-..

The Lost Man of Bombay thumbnail
The Lost Man of Bombay eAudiobook
Vaseem Khan / Maya Saroya

Bombay 1950. When the body of a white man is found frozen in the Himalayan foothills near Dehra Dun ..

Dead of Night thumbnail
Dead of Night eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow / Simon Mattacks Available 19th October 2023

One freezing night an SS doctor and his wife return from an evening mingling with their fellow Nazis..

Skelton's Guide to Blazing Corpses thumbnail
Skelton's Guide to Blazing Corpses eAudiobook
David Stafford / John Telfer

It is November 5th Guy Fawkes Night 1930. Bonfires are blazing rockets burst. In a country lane reve..

A Mansion for Murder thumbnail
A Mansion for Murder eAudiobook
Frances Brody / Anne Dover

Yorkshire 1930. Intrigued by a mysterious letter from a stranger Private Investigator Kate Shackleto..

The Lost Daughter of Venice thumbnail
The Lost Daughter of Venice eAudiobook
Charlotte Betts / Sophie Roberts

Venice 1919_x000D_Seventeen years ago the grand Venetian Palazzo degli Angeli was Phoebe Wyndham's h..

Three Debts Paid thumbnail
Three Debts Paid eAudiobook
Anne Perry / Christopher Bonwell

It is February 1912 when barrister Daniel Pitt is reunited with his old college friend Inspector Ian..

Blotto Twinks and the Conquistadors' Gold thumbnail
Blotto Twinks and the Conquistadors' Gold eAudiobook
Simon Brett / Simon Brett

Blotto and Twinks are once again launched into another death-defying adventure this time in the civi..

Shadows of the Dead thumbnail
Shadows of the Dead eAudiobook
Jim Eldridge / John Telfer

London 1921. Lord Johnny Fairfax has been found dead in his study along with a second victim a myste..

The Mitford Secret thumbnail
The Mitford Secret eAudiobook
Jessica Fellowes / Rachel Atkins

It's 1941 and the Mitford household is splintered by the vicissitudes of war. To bring the clan toge..

Assassins thumbnail
Assassins eAudiobook
Jim Eldridge / John Telfer Available 3rd October 2023

London 1921. The Great War has recently ended and tensions in England are high. Now prominent Cabine..

Small Mercies thumbnail
Small Mercies eAudiobook
Dennis Lehane / Regina Reagan Available 30th September 2023

In the summer of 1974 a heatwave blankets Boston and Mary Pat Fennessey is trying to stay one step a..

Midnight at Malabar House thumbnail
Midnight at Malabar House eAudiobook
Vaseem Khan / Maya Saroya

Bombay 1949. As India celebrates the arrival of a momentous new decade Inspector Persis Wadia stands..

A Haunting at Holkham thumbnail
A Haunting at Holkham eAudiobook
Anne Glenconner / Miranda Raison Available 29th September 2023

January 1950. Lady Anne Coke daughter of the 5th Earl of Leicester is called home after a sudden dea..