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Latest Additions

Wish for a Witch eAudiobook
Kaye Umansky / Joan Walker Available 11th April 2019

After her week living in Magenta Sharp's magical tower, Elsie Pickles is back home and finding norma..

Offside! eAudiobook
John Hickman / Thomas Eyre

Seth, Beefy and Angelo and their awkward but determined team of footballing misfits are aiming for g..

Kill For Me eAudiobook
Tom Wood / Peter Noble

For years, two sisters have vied for the turf of their dead crime boss father. Across Guatemala City..

A Gathering of Ghosts eAudiobook
Karen Maitland / Jonathan Keeble

1316, Dartmoor. The isolated Priory of St Mary is home to the Sisters of the Knights of St John. Pil..

The Sherlock Effect eAudiobook
Raymond Kay Lyon / David Thorpe

Christopher Sherlock Webster spent his schooldays desperately trying to live down his embarrassing m..

A Honeybee Heart Has Five Openings eAudiobook
Helen Jukes / Jane Collingwood

Entering her thirties, Helen Jukes feels trapped in an urban grind of office politics and temporary ..

Watch Me Disappear eAudiobook
Janelle Brown / Laurel Lefkow & Tim Flavin Available 9th April 2019

Billie is charismatic, beautiful and has a perfect life. So when she vanishes without a trace, the p..

A Mother's Courage eAudiobook
Maggie Hope / Penny McDonald

Eleanor Saint loves helping in the community of her small mining town, even though her snobbish gran..

Springtime at Wildacre eAudiobook
Lucy Daniels / Rosie Jones

Mandy Hope is on cloud nine. Hope Meadows, the animal rescue and rehabilitation centre she founded, ..

The Truth Waits eAudiobook
Susanna Beard / Emma Gregory

Anna has everything worked out - a successful company, all the comforts she needs and no ties. But w..

Gaslight eAudiobook
Eloise Williams / Kate Jarman

All Nansi knows is that her mother disappeared on the day she was fished out of Cardiff docks. With ..

Secrets Of A Sun King eAudiobook
Emma Carroll / Victoria Fox

When Lilian finds a parcel on her grandad's doorstep, she is shocked to see who sent it: a famous Eg..

Death in Florence eAudiobook
Marco Vichi / Tim Bruce

Florence, October 1966. The rain is never-ending. When a young boy vanishes on his way home from sch..

Daisy's Vintage Cornish Camper Van eAudiobook
Ali McNamara / Laura Kirman

When Ana inherits a broken-down camper van from her best friend, she takes the chance for a quick tr..

You Found Me eAudiobook
Virginia Macgregor / Karen Cass Available 2nd April 2019

One summer morning, Isabel and her eleven-year-old daughter River encounter a rain-soaked man sittin..