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Bonehead Bonehead

The final novel from the Queen of Fear, Mo Hayder.

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Way Back Way Back

'Gorgeous! Warm and funny and brimming with tenderness and heart' Graham Norton

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Ripper Ripper

'Tantalising . . . A glimpse into a small town that cannot shake the ghosts of its past' Weekend Australian

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The Secret History of Audrey James The Secret History of Audrey James

Sometimes the best place to hide is the last place anyone would look.

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Banners of Hell Banners of Hell

Summer 1312. The brutal murder of King Edward II's favourite, Peter Gaveston, unleashes a horde of demons...

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The Chamber The Chamber

'The tension is almost unbearable. A masterclass in suspense - I absolutely loved it!' Shari Lapena

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The Deadly Echoes The Deadly Echoes

Four murder victims. One silent survivor. Can Cora hear the secrets he’s hiding?

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Murder at the Monastery Murder at the Monastery

Even the monastery isn't safe from murder...

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The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers

'Utterly beautiful. I adored it' Joanna Cannon

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Someone in the Attic Someone in the Attic

‘A gripping story, beautifully told. Andrea Mara is masterful.' Patricia Cornwell

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The Mercy Chair The Mercy Chair

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin...

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The Betrayal of Thomas True The Betrayal of Thomas True

This year's most devastating, unforgettable historical thriller!

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Middle of the Night Middle of the Night

'Full of tension, urgency, atmosphere and feeling - this is Riley Sager at his very best' LEE CHILD

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The Betrayal of Thomas True thumbnail
The Betrayal of Thomas True eAudiobook
A.J. West / Peter Kenny

It is the year 1715 and Thomas True has arrived on old London Bridge with a dangerous secret. One ni..

Evacuees at the Wartime Bookshop thumbnail
Evacuees at the Wartime Bookshop eAudiobook
Lesley Eames / Polly Edsell

Victoria is on her way to Churchwood looking for a life away from the dangers of wartime London for ..

The Wartime Vet thumbnail
The Wartime Vet eAudiobook
Ellie Curzon / Laura Kirman

England 1941. Dedicated local vet Laura cares for the farm animals of the little village of Bramble ..

A Daughter's Promise thumbnail
A Daughter's Promise eAudiobook
Judy Summers / Annabelle Dowler

Liverpool 1861. Annie Shaw longs to be taken seriously. At 14 she's fed up of being babied by her bi..

Be Your Best Self thumbnail
Be Your Best Self eAudiobook
Maxine Morrey / Gloria Sanders Available 16th August 2024

When Willow moved back to the village she grew up in for a new start she was ready for a new way of ..

The Chamber thumbnail
The Chamber eAudiobook
Will Dean / Helen Keeley Available 13th August 2024

On a boat heading out into the North Sea Ellen Brooke steels herself to spend almost a month locked ..

Maggie Rowan thumbnail
Maggie Rowan eAudiobook
Catherine Cookson / Anne Dover

There were plenty around Fellburn who said Maggie Rowan was as plain as a pikestaff a woman consumed..

The Paris Affair thumbnail
The Paris Affair eAudiobook
Fiona Schneider / Antonia Beamish

French chef Sylvie was sent to Paris as part of the resistance while German soldier Christoph is doi..

The Boot Camp Murder thumbnail
The Boot Camp Murder eAudiobook
Matthew Ross / Fran Burgoyne

Monica aimed to be a high-flying executive but when the misogynistic bullying from the privileged pa..

Houdini Unbound thumbnail
Houdini Unbound eAudiobook
Alan Attwood / Simon Mattacks

1910. Halley's Comet is coming. Harry Houdini the most celebrated escape artist in the world has sol..

Falling in Louvre thumbnail
Falling in Louvre eAudiobook
Fiona Leitch / Candida Gubbins

Sylvie Cloutier art lover and former antiques dealer is trapped in her loveless marriage to the bull..

Garden of Her Heart thumbnail
Garden of Her Heart eAudiobook
Zoë Richards / Julie Maisey Available 12th August 2024

One loner two secrets and three weeks at Pinewoods Retreat. . . When Holly Bush (yes she still hasn'..

The Ballroom Girls Hit the Big Time thumbnail
The Ballroom Girls Hit the Big Time eAudiobook
Jenny Holmes / Claire Storey

Sylvia Joy and Pearl are preparing to compete in a major national ballroom competition - not easy in..

Final Traitor thumbnail
Final Traitor eAudiobook
Andy McDermott / Simon Mattacks

Alex Reeve - OPERATIVE 66 - is a former special-ops soldier and one of the UK's most deadly weapons...

The Wrong Hands thumbnail
The Wrong Hands eAudiobook
Mark Billingham / David Threlfall Available 10th September 2024

Unconventional Detective Declan Miller has a problem. Still desperate to solve the murder of his wif..