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Educating Jack thumbnail
Educating Jack eAudiobook
Jack Sheffield / Jack Sheffield

As the 1982 school year begins, Jack Sheffield returns to Ragley village school for his sixth year a..

Silent Night thumbnail
Silent Night eAudiobook
Jack Sheffield / Jack Sheffield

1984 - and it's an important time for the children of Ragley-on-the Forest school... Their school ch..

My Babysitter Is A Robot thumbnail
My Babysitter Is A Robot eAudiobook
Dave Cousins / Peter Kenny Available 26th January 2020

When Grandma creates a robot babysitter for twins Jake and Jess, chaos ensues! Robin is embarrassing..

Star thumbnail
Star eAudiobook
Holly Webb / Rosie Jones

When Anna borrows a tiny wooden tiger from her Russian grandmother's mantelpiece, little does she re..

The Eye Of The North thumbnail
The Eye Of The North eAudiobook
Sinead O'Hart / Charlie Sanderson

Emmeline Widget has never left Widget Manor and that's the way she likes it. But when her scientist ..

The Velvet Fox thumbnail
The Velvet Fox eAudiobook
Catherine Fisher / Deryn Edwards

After rescuing Tomas from enchantment, orphan Seren Rhys is enjoying her first summer at Plas-y-Fran..

A Thimbleful Of Hope thumbnail
A Thimbleful Of Hope eAudiobook
Evie Grace / Penelope Freeman

Dover, 1864. Violet Rayfield leads a happy life with her family in a beautiful terrace on Camden Cre..

The Girl Who Came From Rags thumbnail
The Girl Who Came From Rags eAudiobook
Gracie Hart / Colleen Prendergast

Eliza Wild has come a long way from her hungry childhood days in a rented miner's cottage on Pit Lan..

Victory For The East End Angels thumbnail
Victory For The East End Angels eAudiobook
Rosie Hendry / Annie Aldington

The war is almost over - and it's up to the East End Angels to keep the home fires burning! Frankie'..

Blackpool Sisters thumbnail
Blackpool Sisters eAudiobook
Maggie Mason / Anne Dover

Separated from each other soon after being taken from their mother Tilly by a travelling group of gy..

The Telephone Girls thumbnail
The Telephone Girls eAudiobook
Jenny Holmes / Janine Birkett Available 13th February 2020

1936. West Yorkshire is home to a gleaming, brand-new telephone exchange where Cynthia, Norma and Mi..

Present Tense thumbnail
Present Tense eAudiobook
William McIntyre / Angus King Available 19th January 2020

Criminal lawyer Robbie Munro is back home, living with his dad and his new-found daughter. Life as a..

Coming Home To Winter Island thumbnail
Coming Home To Winter Island eAudiobook
Jo Thomas / Sarah Barron

Ruby's singing career is about to hit the big time, when her voice breaks. Fearing her career is ove..

Fatal Ally thumbnail
Fatal Ally eAudiobook
Tim Sebastian / Richard Attlee

After five years' silence, a British intelligence asset has made contact from Moscow. Claiming to po..

A Wing And A Prayer thumbnail
A Wing And A Prayer eAudiobook
Margaret Thornton / Maggie Mash

1990, Blackpool. Thirty-three-year-old Helen Burnside is shocked when she learns that her beloved Gr..