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The Gin Sisters' Promise thumbnail
The Gin Sisters' Promise eAudiobook
Faith Hogan / Caroline Lennon

When Georgie Iris and Nola's mother died and their father disappeared into his grief the sisters mad..

Wildoak thumbnail
Wildoak eAudiobook
C.C. Harrington / Camilia O'Grady

Maggie's stutter makes going to school hard. She will do almost anything to avoid speaking in class ..

Best Practice thumbnail
Best Practice eAudiobook
Penny Parkes / Joan Walker

Dr Alice Walker seems to be the epitome of style and professionalism. But when the cracks in her fa..

Letters To My Daughters thumbnail
Letters To My Daughters eAudiobook
Emma Hannigan / Michele Moran Available 12th April 2023

The three Brady sisters have always been closer to their nanny May than to their own mother. May tho..

The Canterbury Tales thumbnail
The Canterbury Tales eAudiobook
Peter Ackroyd / Seán Barrett Anita Wright Available 11th April 2023

A motley group of travellers meet at a London inn on their way to Canterbury where they agree to tak..

Love Untold thumbnail
Love Untold eAudiobook
Ruth Jones / Ruth Jones

Grace is about to turn 90. She doesn't want parties or presents or fuss. She just wants to heal the ..

Nothing Else thumbnail
Nothing Else eAudiobook
Louise Beech / Sarah Durham Willow Nash Available 11th April 2023

Heather Harris is a piano teacher and professional musician whose quiet life revolves around music w..

Becoming Ted thumbnail
Becoming Ted eAudiobook
Matt Cain / Samuel Barnett

Ted Ainsworth has always worked at his family's ice-cream business in the quiet Lancashire town of S..

Paths of Glory thumbnail
Paths of Glory eAudiobook
Jeffrey Archer / Roger Allam Available 9th April 2023

Some people have dreams that are so outrageous that if they were to achieve them their place in hist..

Only Time Will Tell thumbnail
Only Time Will Tell eAudiobook
Jeffrey Archer / Roger Allam

The epic tale of Harry Clifton’s life begins in 1920 with the chilling words “I was told that my..

A Keeper thumbnail
A Keeper eAudiobook
Graham Norton / Graham Norton Available 15th August 2023

Elizabeth Keane returns to Ireland after her mother's death intent only on wrapping up that dismal p..

You Get That From Me thumbnail
You Get That From Me eAudiobook
Charlotte Butterfield / Anna Cordell Ruth Redman Sofia Engstrand Available 27th April 2023

Stella thought she knew how her life would turn out. A stellar career the perfect husband (not like ..

Violet thumbnail
Violet eAudiobook
S. J. I. Holliday / Imogen Church Available 5th May 2023

Carrie's best friend has an accident and can no longer make the round-the-world trip they'd planned ..

The Summer Fair thumbnail
The Summer Fair eAudiobook
Heidi Swain / Karen Cass Available 6th April 2023

Beth loves her job working in a care home but she doesn't love the cramped and dirty house-share she..

A Week At The Shore thumbnail
A Week At The Shore eAudiobook
Barbara Delinsky / Laurence Bouvard

One phone call is all it takes to lure real estate photographer Mallory Aldiss back to her family Rh..