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It Walks by Night thumbnail
It Walks by Night eAudiobook
John Dickson Carr / John Telfer

In the smoke-wreathed gloom of a Parisian salon Detective Bencolin has summoned his allies to discus..

The Truth Waits thumbnail
The Truth Waits eAudiobook
Susanna Beard / Emma Gregory

Anna has everything worked out - a successful company all the comforts she needs and no ties. But wh..

Fell Murder thumbnail
Fell Murder eAudiobook
E.C.R. Lorac / Kris Dyer

First published in 1944 Fell Murder sees E.C.R. Lorac at the height of her considerable powers as a ..

Deadly Secrets thumbnail
Deadly Secrets eAudiobook
Britta Bolt / Andrew Cullum

Pieter Posthumus wouldn't live anywhere but Amsterdam...even though the Earth 2050 conference with i..

Framed thumbnail
Framed eAudiobook
Ronnie O'Sullivan / Nick Moran

Frankie James is a young man with a lot on his shoulders. His mother disappeared when he was sixteen..

Hard as Nails thumbnail
Hard as Nails eAudiobook
Helen Black / Kat Rose-Martin

Four months have passed since the shocking death of Frankie Greenwood but Liberty Greenwood has mana..

Queen of Thieves thumbnail
Queen of Thieves eAudiobook
Beezy Marsh / Rachel Atkins

London 1946. Alice Diamond the Queen of the Forty Thieves rules over her gang of hoisters with a bej..

The Angel in the Glass thumbnail
The Angel in the Glass eAudiobook
Alys Clare / Richard Attlee

June 1604. When the emaciated body of a vagrant is found on the edge of the moor physician Gabriel T..

Playing Dirty thumbnail
Playing Dirty eAudiobook
Helen Black / Kat Rose-Martin

Things are looking up for Liberty Greenwood. She's brokered a deal with the local rival gangster and..

The Fourteenth Letter thumbnail
The Fourteenth Letter eAudiobook
Claire Evans / Maggie Mash

One balmy June evening in 1881 Phoebe Stanbury stands before the guests at her engagement party abou..

Damaged thumbnail
Damaged eAudiobook
Martina Cole / Annie Aldington

When the bodies of missing schoolgirls start turning up former DCI Kate Burrows is dragged out of re..

Race to the Kill thumbnail
Race to the Kill eAudiobook
Helen Cadbury / Jonathan Keeble

It is the middle of a long night shift for PC Sean Denton and his partner PC Gavin Wentworth when th..

The Flood thumbnail
The Flood eAudiobook
Kristina Ohlsson / Maggie Mash

A man wearing his daughter's wedding ring is found in front of his fireplace shot in the chest. A fu..

Vengeance In Venice thumbnail
Vengeance In Venice eAudiobook
Philip Gwynne Jones / Tim Bruce

An invitation to an exclusive event during the Venice Biennale gives Honorary Consul Nathan Sutherla..

Venetian Gothic thumbnail
Venetian Gothic eAudiobook
Philip Gwynne Jones / Tim Bruce

All Souls Day 2017. On the Day of the Dead Venetians travel to the cemetery island of San Michele to..