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The Girl From The Mill thumbnail
The Girl From The Mill eAudiobook
Chrissie Walsh / Anne Dover

In the drab Yorkshire town of Garsthwaite, Lacey Barraclough works hard in the textile mill, determi..

The Mother's Day Club thumbnail
The Mother's Day Club eAudiobook
Rosie Hendry / Patience Tomlinson Available 13th April 2021

Norfolk, 1939. The residents of Great Plumstead agree to open up their homes to evacuees from London..

Until We Can Forgive thumbnail
Until We Can Forgive eAudiobook
Rosemary Goodacre / Julia Franklin

1919. WWI is over and now living in Cambridge with husband Edmond, Amy Derwent is settling into her ..

War In The Valleys thumbnail
War In The Valleys eAudiobook
Francesca Capaldi / Deryn Edwards

July, 1916. Young mother, Violet Jones, lives a tough life in the Rhymney Valley, caring for 4-year-..

The Picture House Girls thumbnail
The Picture House Girls eAudiobook
Rosie Archer / Tasmin Kennard

Eighteen-year-old Connie Baxter works as an usherette at the Criterion Picture House in Gosport. Her..

A Shop Girl At Sea thumbnail
A Shop Girl At Sea eAudiobook
Rachel Brimble / Willow Nash

Bath, 1912. When Miss Pennington sends Amelia Wakefield to study the department stores of New York, ..

Jessie's Promise thumbnail
Jessie's Promise eAudiobook
Rosie Clarke / Laura Kirman

Devon, 1918. When Jessie Hale loses her nursing job, she leaves London to become the nurse maid to t..

God's Acre thumbnail
God's Acre eAudiobook
Dee Yates / Lesley Mackie

As the drums of war begin to beat louder on the continent, 17-year-old Jeannie McIver heads to the w..

The Women Of Waterloo Bridge thumbnail
The Women Of Waterloo Bridge eAudiobook
Jan Casey / Annie Aldington

London, 1940. After her fiance breaks off their engagement, Evelyn decides to do her part for the wa..

The Surplus Girls' Orphans thumbnail
The Surplus Girls' Orphans eAudiobook
Polly Heron / Julia Franklin

Manchester, 1922. Molly Watson has had enough. Engaged for the last three years to a penny-pinching ..

Over The Rainbow thumbnail
Over The Rainbow eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

Liverpool, 1939. Olivia Campbell appears to have the perfect life. However, behind closed doors she ..

Porthminster Hall thumbnail
Porthminster Hall eAudiobook
Janet Tanner / Katherine Press

Louise Polmar begs her former nanny to care for her baby then she flees. Ella grows up unaware that ..

The Smuggler's Wife thumbnail
The Smuggler's Wife eAudiobook
Evie Grace / Annie Aldington

Kent, 1815. When the beautiful but naive Grace Lennicker falls for Isaiah Feasey, son of a rival smu..

To Give And To Take thumbnail
To Give And To Take eAudiobook
Elizabeth Murphy / Julie Maisey

Can both sisters find happiness, when one marries for love, and the other for money?Sisters Mary and..

A Place To Call Home thumbnail
A Place To Call Home eAudiobook
Tania Crosse / Charlotte Strevens

Thrown together by tragic circumstances some years previously, Meg and Clarrie's hard-won friendship..