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Air Raid Girls The: Wartime Brides thumbnail
Air Raid Girls The: Wartime Brides eAudiobook
Jenny Holmes / Penelope Freeman

Spring 1942. Lizzie is making plans for her wedding with fiance Bill. But preparations during wartim..

The Ballroom Girls thumbnail
The Ballroom Girls eAudiobook
Jenny Holmes / Claire Storey

Blackpool summer 1942._x000D_Meet the Ballroom Girls: Sylvia Pearl and Joy. Three girls dancing thro..

The Summer Day is Done thumbnail
The Summer Day is Done eAudiobook
Mary Jane Staples / Terry Wale

When young British agent John Kirby is sent to Russia in 1911 he does not expect to fall in love. T..

The Cornish Dressmaker thumbnail
The Cornish Dressmaker eAudiobook
Nicola Pryce / Penelope Freeman Available 21st April 2023

Cornwall 1796. Seamstress Elowyn Liddicot's family believe they've secured the perfect future for he..

The Surplus Girls thumbnail
The Surplus Girls eAudiobook
Polly Heron / Julia Franklin

Manchester 1922. Belinda Layton is a surplus girl. One of the many women whose dreams of marriage pe..

A Cornish Betrothal thumbnail
A Cornish Betrothal eAudiobook
Nicola Pryce / Penelope Freeman Available 21st April 2023

Cornwall 1798. Eighteen months have passed since Midshipman Edmund Melville was declared missing pr..

The Girls From Mersey View thumbnail
The Girls From Mersey View eAudiobook
Lyn Andrews / Julie Maisey Available 21st April 2023

Liverpool 1935. Monica Savage is delighted when the Copperfields move in next door and she quickly b..

The Wartime Bookshop thumbnail
The Wartime Bookshop eAudiobook
Lesley Eames / Polly Edsell

Alice moves to the village of Churchwood with her retired father just as WWII breaks out. She is des..

Silver Wishes thumbnail
Silver Wishes eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Catherine Harvey Available 20th April 2023

Lancashire 1895. When her controlling stepfather suddenly dies it seems that Elinor Pendleton finall..

A Scottish Destiny thumbnail
A Scottish Destiny eAudiobook
Gwen Kirkwood / Lesley Mackie Available 20th April 2023

When 17-year-old Marie Sinclair travelled to Strathlinn in Scotland in 1920 to visit her brother and..

Victory on Ten Bells Street thumbnail
Victory on Ten Bells Street eAudiobook
Mary Collins / Annie Aldington Available 20th April 2023

1950 London. With the war finally behind them the Ten Bells Street girls are building new lives. Bec..

Wait Till Summer thumbnail
Wait Till Summer eAudiobook
Grace Thompson / Anne Cater

1939. The first London evacuees arrive in St David’s Well homesick and disappointed by the quiet W..

The Tulip Tearooms thumbnail
The Tulip Tearooms eAudiobook
Pam Evans / Annie Aldington

The Second World War is finally over when Lola Brown meets Harry Riggs at a dance. It is love at fir..

A Girl Called Hope thumbnail
A Girl Called Hope eAudiobook
Kay Seeley / Annie Aldington

London’s East End. Life for Hope Daniels in the public house run by her parents is not as it seems..

A Girl Called Violet thumbnail
A Girl Called Violet eAudiobook
Kay Seeley / Annie Aldington Available 19th April 2023

Violet Daniels isn't perfect. She's made mistakes in her life but the deep love she has for her five..