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Crown of Aloes thumbnail
Crown of Aloes eAudiobook
Norah Lofts / Patience Tomlinson

Isabella of Spain was a great woman a great Queen. *Crown of Aloes* is presented as a personal chron..

Esther thumbnail
Esther eAudiobook
Norah Lofts / Julia Franklin

Ataxerxes King of Persia needed a wife. This powerful warrior lord picked the one girl who would hav..

The King's Mistress thumbnail
The King's Mistress eAudiobook
Emma Campion / Nicolette McKenzie

At the age of 14 Alice Salisbury dutifully marries the man her father has chosen for her. Merchant J..

Intrigue thumbnail
Intrigue eAudiobook
M. C. Beaton / Lucy Scott

Mannerling the splendid family estate gambled away by Sir Beverley remains the passion of his daught..

A Wife's War thumbnail
A Wife's War eAudiobook
Rosie Meddon / Penelope Freeman

Kate Channer thought married life was going to be a grand adventure. But when Luke ships off for ..

One Enchanted Evening thumbnail
One Enchanted Evening eAudiobook
Katie Fforde / Joanna Bending Available 14th June 2024

Ever since she can remember Meg has wanted to be a professional cook. But it's 1964 and in restauran..

The King's Jewel thumbnail
The King's Jewel eAudiobook
Elizabeth Chadwick / Kit Griffiths

Wales 1093. The warm comfortable life of young Nesta daughter of Prince Rhys of Deheubarth is destro..

Madselin thumbnail
Madselin eAudiobook
Norah Lofts / Emma Powell

When William the Conqueror wished to reward his armourer he made him a grant of land - land worked b..

The Consul's Daughter thumbnail
The Consul's Daughter eAudiobook
Jane Jackson / Julie Maisey

Caseley is the 21-year-old daughter of Teuder Bonython successful shipyard owner and consul for Mexi..

A Troubled Heart thumbnail
A Troubled Heart eAudiobook
Kay Seeley / Annie Aldington

Verity Templeton 18 and fiercely independent travels to London with her aunt for the season. During ..

Foxing the Geese thumbnail
Foxing the Geese eAudiobook
Janet Woods / Patience Tomlinson

1812. Clever strong-willed Vivienne Fox is unexpectedly endowed with riches beyond her wildest dream..

A Country Gentleman thumbnail
A Country Gentleman eAudiobook
Ann Barker / Gordon Griffin

Lord Thurlby can only ever recall previous visits of Lavinia Muir his mother’s god-daughter with a..

A Lady's Risk thumbnail
A Lady's Risk eAudiobook
Felicity George / Laura Kirman

Lady Margaret has devoted herself to taking care of her young siblings and the estate while her half..

Arlette's Story thumbnail
Arlette's Story eAudiobook
Angela Barton / Charlotte Strevens

When Arlette Blaise sees a German plane fly over the family farm in 1940 she’s comforted by the fa..

A Marriage of Fortune thumbnail
A Marriage of Fortune eAudiobook
Anne O'Brien / Jilly Bond

England. 1469. Margaret Paston knows that a favourable match for one of her unruly daughters is the ..