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The Grand Illusion thumbnail
The Grand Illusion eAudiobook
Syd Moore / Penelope Rawlins

June 1940. As World War Two rages Daphne Devine remains in London performing each night as assistant..

Vale of Tears thumbnail
Vale of Tears eAudiobook
Sarah Hawkswood / Matt Addis Available 15th June 2024

April 1144. A body is found floating in Fladbury mill leat a man in green who has been stabbed but n..

The Midnight News thumbnail
The Midnight News eAudiobook
Jo Baker / Katherine Manners Available 13th June 2024

1940. 20-year-old Charlotte Richmond watches from her attic window as enemy planes fly over London. ..

Sewing Moonlight thumbnail
Sewing Moonlight eAudiobook
Kyle Mewburn / Toby Webster Available 11th June 2024

New Zealand 1928. When Wilhelm Erdinger arrives in the sleepy village of Falters Mill claiming to wa..

Twice Royal Lady thumbnail
Twice Royal Lady eAudiobook
Hilary Green / Hilary Green

Matilda is the granddaughter of William the Conqueror but also descended through her mother from the..

The Testimony of Alys Twist thumbnail
The Testimony of Alys Twist eAudiobook
Suzannah Dunn / Lucy Scott Available 10th June 2024

1553. Deeply-divided England rejoices as the rightful heir Mary Tudor sweeps to power on a tide of p..

Child of the Ruins thumbnail
Child of the Ruins eAudiobook
Kate Furnivall / Imogen Church Gloria Sanders

Berlin 1948. World War II has ended and there is supposed to be peace but Russian troops have closed..

The Italian Garden thumbnail
The Italian Garden eAudiobook
Charlotte Betts / Sophie Roberts

Lake Como 1919. The garden of Villa Marchese was once a sight to behold. Now overgrown and unloved t..

The Constant Soldier thumbnail
The Constant Soldier eAudiobook
William Ryan / Seán Barrett

1944. Paul Brandt a German soldier returns wounded and ashamed from the chaos of the Eastern front t..

The Tall Stranger thumbnail
The Tall Stranger eAudiobook
D.E. Stevenson / Candida Gubbins

Barbie France has known Edward Steyne all her life - indeed they were childhood sweethearts. Charmin..

The Jacobite's Wife thumbnail
The Jacobite's Wife eAudiobook
Morag Edwards / Charlotte Strevens

18th century Scotland. Jacobite sympathies stir powerful emotions especially in a titled young man w..

A Place Beyond Courage thumbnail
A Place Beyond Courage eAudiobook
Elizabeth Chadwick / Peter Wickham Available 2nd June 2024

It is a time for ambitious men to prosper and royal servant John FitzGilbert Marshal is one of them...

Love Will Find a Way thumbnail
Love Will Find a Way eAudiobook
Ellie Dean / Julie Maisey Available 29th May 2024

Cliffehaven December 1946_x000D_From a hill above the town of Cliffehaven a young woman makes a hear..

A Marriage of Lions thumbnail
A Marriage of Lions eAudiobook
Elizabeth Chadwick / Helen Stern

England 1238. Raised at the court of King Henry III as a chamber lady to the queen young Joanna of S..

A Call to Service thumbnail
A Call to Service eAudiobook
Holly Green / Emma Powell Available 28th May 2024

After fleeing German-occupied Paris Alix is back in her home in Belgrade hoping to finally reunite w..